"Cycling Choices": SugarCube (v2.18)


"Cycling Choices" demostrates how to create a 'cycling' effect of different choices through clicking on them.

The 'cycles' starts with the use of the <<include>> macro and assumption of $choicesCount beginning at the number -1. Within the passage "Cycling", the first 'cycle' begins with testing if the variable $choices exists. If it does not, $choices and $choicesCount are set (created) to their initial values.

Next, $choicesCount is then increased by one to the start value of 0 (the first location of an array in SugarCube) and the position of $choices is shown based on this.

If the user clicks on the link (created through using the <<linkreplace>> and <<include>> macros) again, future 'cycles' test if $choicesCount increases beyond the number of values in the $choices array and resets it to 0.

At the end of every 'cycle,' the currently selected value is stored in the variable $cyclingResult for future access and usage.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
Cycling Choices in SugarCube

:: Start
Click options to cycle: <<include "Cycling">>

:: Cycling
<<if not $choices>>
    <<set $choicesCount to -1>>
    <<set $choices to ["First", "Second", "Third"]>>

<<set $choicesCount to $choicesCount + 1>>

<<if $choicesCount >= $choices.length>>
     <<set $choicesCount to 0>>

<<set $cyclingResult to $choices[$choicesCount]>>
\<<linkreplace $choices[$choicesCount]>><<include "Cycling">><</linkreplace>>

:: Results

Download: Twee Code

See Also

Setting and Showing Variables, Modularity

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