"Passage Events": Snowman (v1.3.0)


Snowman triggers different events as they happen to passages. The 'hidepassage' event occurs as a passage is about to be replaced, the 'showpassage' event occurs before the passage is rendered, and the 'showpassage:after' event occurs after everything has been processed.

In this example, a header and footer is created by listening for the 'showpassage:after' event with a jQuery event handle and then prepending the content of the passage "Header" and appending the content of the passage "Footer" to the current passage after it has been initially rendered.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
Passage Events in Snowman

:: UserScript[script]
    Prepend the content of the passage "Header" to every passage.
        Append the content of the passage "Footer" to every passage.
$(document).on('showpassage:after', function (eventObject, passage) {
        var headerContent = window.story.render("Header");
        var currentContent = $('#passage').html();
        var footerContent = window.story.render("Footer");

        $('#passage').html(headerContent + currentContent + footerContent);  

:: Start
[[Another Passage]]

:: Header
This is the header!

:: Footer
This is the footer!

:: Another Passage
[[Back to Beginning|Start]]

Download: Twee Code

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