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Story Map#


You are reading documentation for Twine 1. This is maintained for archival purposes only.

When a story is open in Twine 1, it shows the story map. This is a series of boxes that can be arranged in different ways.

Passages are connected with a line is shown between them. Using either a passage link or the <<display>> macro creates this line.


Using the secondary menu, clicking on the Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom so all passages are visible, and Zoom to 100% to change the size of all passages.

Story Menu#

New passages can be added to the Story through the Story menu. Use Story -> New -> Passage to add a new passage.

Right-clicking and go to and selecting New Passage Here also creates a new passage.


Passages can be moved into any arrangement. This does not affect the output!

Any passage can be clicked and dragged to a different place. Multiple passages can be selected through clicking and dragging a square selection to enclose multiple passages. Once selected, they can be arranged.