Using the Twine Cookbook

The Twine Cookbook provides live examples, Twee source code, and links to download either on each example page under the different topic areas.

Downloading and Using the Live Examples

1) Download the compiled HTML from an example page.

2) Import the file into Twine

  • Twine 2: Use the "Import From File" link on the right-hand side under the "+Story" button.

  • Twine 1: Use File->Import and select "Compiled HTML File...".

Downloading and Using Twee Code

Twee source code is provided for all examples to more easily show the passages and what they contain.

Twine 2

Twine 2 does not natively understand Twee source code.

Twine 1

For Twine 1 examples, the Twee source code can be downloaded and imported through going to File->Import and selecting "Twee Source Code...".

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