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Using the Twine Cookbook#

The Twine Cookbook provides examples, Twee source code, and links to download either on each example page under the different topic areas.

Downloading and Using the Examples#

1) Download the compiled HTML from an example page.

2) Import the file into Twine

  • Twine 2: Use the "Import From File" link on the right-hand side under the "+Story" button.

  • Twine 1: Use File->Import and select "Compiled HTML File...".

Downloading and Using Twee Code#

Twee source code is provided for all examples to more easily show the passages and what they contain.

Twine 2#

Twine 2 does not natively understand Twee source code.

Twine 1#

For Twine 1 examples, the Twee source code can be downloaded and imported through going to File->Import and selecting "Twee Source Code...".