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Twine 2.0.9#

Release Date: Nov 17, 2015



  • Includes new localizations for Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French, and Russian.
  • Updates to CodeMirror 5.4.


  • A bug where dragging multiple passages would cause them to jump around after the drag completed has been fixed.
  • A visual glitch where passage, JavaScript, and stylesheet editors appeared to have two scrollbars has been fixed.
  • The quick search highlight now updates properly after editing a passage.
  • Global variables set by the editor are now cleaned up, so that they won't interfere with story previews.
  • The passage editor now uses tabs consistently to indent, as opposed to a mix of spaces and tabs.
  • A bug where gray areas would be visible after changing the zoom level of a story map has been fixed.
  • When you change the start passage for a story, link connectors will correctly update based on its new width.
  • The OS X desktop app is now usable for all users, not just the one who installs it.
  • The Windows desktop app is better at finding the user's Documents folder.
  • Desktop apps should no longer complain about running out of space.
  • Handles importing story files that have no IFID gracefully.

Story Formats#

  • Updates the included version of Harlowe to 1.2.
  • Updates the included version of Snowman to 1.2.
  • Updates the included version of SugarCube to 1.0.32.