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You are reading documentation for Twine 1. This is maintained for archival purposes only.

The <<button>> macro creates a button, a special type of link that, when clicked, sets the data entered into other form macros in the passage ( <<textinput>>, <<radio>>, <<checkbox>>), and moves to another passage.


The <<button>> macro should be provided with the familiar link syntax:

<<button [[displayed text|passage name]]>>

The resulting button behaves identically to a normal link, but, when clicked, additionally causes the data entered into <<textinput>>, <<radio>> and <<checkbox>> macros to be placed in the variables.

For instance, if the macro <<textinput $FoodName>> appears in the same passage with a <<button>>, and the text "pretzels" has been entered into the input box, then clicking the button will, in addition to changing passages, run the equivalent of <<set $FoodName to "pretzels">>.