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"Looping": Snowman (v1.3.0)#


In programming terminology, a "loop" is a common technique for iterating, moving through one by one, some type of data. Because Snowman does not provide macros, the existing JavaScript for keyword can be used to create loops. Since Snowman also includes the Underscore.js and jQuery libraries, the _.each() and jQuery.each() functions can also be used.

In this example, the s global shortcut to the window.story.state variable used. A new property called "arrayInventory" is set to the series of values "Bread", "Pan", and "Book". The first example uses the JavaScript for keyword to move through the values. The second example uses the _.each() function in Underscore.js, and the third uses the jQuery.each() function for the same purpose.

Live Example#


Twee Code#

:: StoryTitle
Looping in Snowman

:: Start
// An array of the strings "Bread", "Pan", "Book"
s.arrayInventory = ["Bread", "Pan", "Book"];

// An example using JavaScript
for (var i = 0; i < s.arrayInventory.length; i++){
 %>You have <%= s.arrayInventory[i] %>.<br> <%

// An example using Underscore.js
_.each(s.arrayInventory, function(item) {
    %>You have <%= item %>.<br> <%

// An example using jQuery
jQuery.each(s.arrayInventory, function( index, value ) {
   %>You have <%= value %>.<br> <%


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