Story Formats

Each story format provides a different default layout, set of macros, and its own internal set of JavaScript functionality.


Harlowe is the default story format in Twine 2. It is designed for ease-of-use and those beginning with Twine.

Harlowe Example:

(if: $hasKey)[It looks like the key will open the door.]
(else:)[No way forward!]


SugarCube continues the traditions of Twine 1 while also expanding the available macros. It has more functionality than Harlowe, but can sometimes require greater knowledge of programming techniques and development patterns for more advanced usage.

SugarCube Example:

<<if $hasKey>>
It looks like the key will open the door.
No way forward!


Snowman is designed to be written with custom JavaScript and CSS. It has no built-in macros, but includes the Underscore.js JavaScript library.

Snowman Example:

<% if (s.hasKey) { %>
It looks like the key will open the door.
<% } else { %>
No way forward!
<% } %>

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