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Twine 1.4.3#


Development program#

Story Map#

  • Signficantly improved the performance of the story map, with minor improvements to numerous other features. Thanks to Richard Lake and Maarten ter Huurne for this.
  • Potentially fixed a crash involving dragging passages.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting passages would sometimes place them in incorrect positions.
  • Added an "Update StoryIncludes Links" menu option, allowing StoryIncludes passage availability to be manually refreshed. This menu item will be disabled if StoryIncludes isn't present.
  • Added Option-Command-F as an alternative 'exit fullscreen' key command.


  • Now, closing StorySettings will refresh the StoryIncludes links automatically.
  • Now, you can include a .tws which itself contains a StoryIncludes passage.

Passage editor#

  • Pressing control-A while typing in the passage title box should now correctly select the title text.
  • If you highlight a link with separate link text and passage title (such as [[link text|passage]]) then press control-L, a new passage named "passage" (instead of "link text|passage") is created.
  • In the "create passages" prompt given when you close a passage containing red links, the 'cancel' button now correctly cancels closing the passage.


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't import Twine HTML files which had tags written in uppercase.
  • Fixed a bug where Twine HTML files with storeArea \<div>s with the attribute "hidden" couldn't be imported.
  • Changed the MIME-type of imported TTF font files from "application/x-font-ttf" to "application/font-sfnt", and added "format(truetype)" to the generated @font-face CSS, and made similar changes for OTF fonts.

Story formats#

  • Now, Twine will continue instead of crashing if, during startup, the last opened story's format isn't available. Also, it will properly error and quit if zero story formats are available (which should be unlikely).
  • Changed the naming of custom story formats' Python files from [story format name]/[story format name].py to [story format name]/, in order to fix the issue where if a user renames the story format's directory, the custom Header file will no longer be found. However, old story formats which still use [story format name].py should continue to work correctly.

Game engine#


  • Fixed a missing Y in the "got itself in a mess" error message.
  • The storeArea's passage is now read using textContent instead of innerText, fixing a number of minor bugs involving consecutive whitespace in passages being truncated.


  • Fixed a bug where the image syntax didn't work with images at external URLs.


  • Fixed a bug where variables saved via Ā«rememberĀ» were unwittingly shared over all Twine stories accessed from the same website.
  • Fixed a bug in Jonah where certain internal link