Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language for describing the presentation of elements in HTML.

Story Stylesheet

Each built-in story format in Twine 2 defines or understands its core HTML elements differently. While a story format may provide new elements, it is always highly recommended to use its own macros, if provided, to change the presentation or layout.


Harlowe uses the tw-story element as a container for the currently shown passage, tw-passage. The sidebar is inside (a child of) each passage and is the element tw-sidebar.

The story data is storied in the tw-storydata element and it contains the story metadata as atttributes of the following:

  • creator: the tool used to create the Story, usually "Twine"
  • creator-version: version of the tool
  • format: the story format
  • format-version: the version of the story format
  • IFID: the Interactive Fiction IDentifier created with the Story


SugarCube uses the id CSS selector for its elements. Like Harlowe, the "story" id is applied to the container of the element containing the "passages". Unlike Harlowe, the currently shown passage's id is named after a combination of "passage-" and then the name of the passage with hyphens ("-") used to fill in any spaces. The currently shown passage is also given the class CSS selector "passage".

The id of the sidebar is "ui-bar".


Snowman follows a combination of both Harlowe and SugarCube patterns. It has a tw-storydata element with the same attributes generated for the story. It also contains an element with the id CSS selector of "passage" for the currently shown passage.

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