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"Cycling Choices": Harlowe (v3.0)#


Starting in Harlowe 3.0.1, the (cycling-link) macro was introduced. Clicking on the link it provides allows for cycling though its possibilities. Combined with the bind keyword, its selection can be saved to a variable.



Twee Code#

:: StoryTitle
Harlowe 3: Cycling Links

:: Start
This cycling-link example remembers the choice made:
(cycling-link: bind $hair, "Black", "Brown", "Blonde", "Red", "White")

This cycling-link example does not:
(cycling-link: "Cat", "Dog", "Fish", "Mouse")

This cycling-link example will disappear (show empty string) on its last choice:
(cycling-link: "Two eggs", "One egg", "")

[[Show result]]

:: Show result
The choice of hair was $hair.

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