"Style Markup": Sugarcane (v1.4.2)

Note: The following example is designed for Twine 1.4.2.


Style formatting in Twine 1.4.2 is supported across all story formats and includes both more basic markup such as italics and bolds and the more advanced construction of HTML tables.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: Start
Italics: //text//
Boldface: ''text''
Underline: __text__
Strikethrough: ==text==
Subscript: H~~2~~O
Superscript: meters/second^^2^^
Escaped: {{{a //word//}}}
Comment: /%a comment%/
Error: @@error@@
Inline styling: @@font-weight:bold;text@@
Bulleted list:    
* one 
* two
Numbered list:    
# one 
# two
!Heading 1
!!Heading 2
!!!Heading 3
!!!!Heading 4
!!!!!Heading 5
!!!!!!Heading 6
|!table header |!table header |!table header |
|row 1|row 1|row 1|
|row 2|row 2|row 2|
|>|row 3|row 3|
|>|>|row 4|
|rows 5 and 6|row 5|row 5|
|~|row 6|row 6|
|rows 7, 8 and 9|>|row 7|
|~|>|row 8|
|~|row 9|row 9|
|table caption|c

:: StoryTitle
Style Markup

:: StoryAuthor

Download: Twee Code

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