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either(value, value, ...)#


You are reading documentation for Twine 1. This is maintained for archival purposes only.

Give the either() function several string or number values, separated by commas, and it will pick one of them randomly. This allows a good degree of randomness to be inserted into the story, while still being fairly readable.

You can use either() with <<print>> to print a random message or phrase...

"I sentence you to be buried alive in <<print either("rhinoceros","buffalo","triceratops")>>
<<print either("vomit", "sweat", "snot")>>!" the JudgeBot crackles noisily.

You can also use either() with <<set>> to set variables to random values:

<<set $playerMoxie to either(2, 4, 6)>>
<<set $playerAttire to either("green", "black", "rainbow")>>
You have <<print $playerMoxie>> moxie points, and <<print $playerAttire>> armour.

And, in addition to macros, you can use either() with the link syntax to make a link that goes to a random passage:

You plunge into the [[glowing vortex|either("12000 BC","The Future","2AM Yesterday")]]