"Style Markup": Harlowe (v2.0)


In Harlowe, style markup can take many forms. Covering italics and boldface as basic examples, Harlowe also provides markup for creating alignment and columns as well.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
Style Markup in Harlowe

:: Start
~~Strikethrough text~~
**Strong emphasis**
``[[Escaped double square brackets]]``
#Level 1 heading
##Level 2 heading
###Level 3 heading
####Level 4 heading
#####Level 5 heading
######Level 6 heading
* Bulleted item
    *    Bulleted item 2
  ** Indented bulleted item
 0. Numbered item
   0. Numbered item 2
 0.0. Indented numbered item
This is right-aligned
This is centered
This is justified
This is left-aligned (undoes the above)
This has margins 3/4 left, 1/4 right
This has margins 1/6 left, 5/6 right.
This is in the leftmost column, which has a right margin of about 2 letters wide.
This is in the next column, which has margins of 1 letter wide. It is three times as wide as the left column.
This is in the right column, which has a right margin of about 5 letters wide. It is twice as wide as the left column.
This text is not in columns, but takes up the entire width, as usual.

Download: Twee Code

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