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Twine 2.6.0#

Release Date: Jan 8, 2023

This is likely to be the last app version of Twine for 32-bit Linux. Electron 18, which this release is based on, appears to be the last version of Electron to support 32-bit Linux, and it reached end-of-support in September 2022. Support for 64-bit Linux should not change.

New Features and Improvements#

  • When a second passage edit dialog is opened after one is already open, the new dialog appears on top of the existing one, forming a stack. A passage edit dialog can be brought to the front by clicking its title bar. There is a maximum of 5 passage edit dialogs in the background; opening more will cause the lowest to be closed.
  • Twine can now import and export Twee files. Twee is a plain-text format used by many other tools in the Twine community, and has a tech spec. Twine exports to Twee 3 format and can import either Twee 3 or older versions.
  • Added a Go To button to the story map toolbar, which allows moving to a passage by name.
  • If there are no conflicts when importing a file, then Twine now automatically completes the import without asking for further confirmation.
  • If a dialog is already open when it would have normally been opened (like choosing to open Preferences twice), the existing dialog will animate to draw attention to itself, instead of nothing happening.
  • Added a Ukrainian localization, and updated the Chinese, German, and Turkish localizations.
  • The Mac app is now signed, thanks to the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation. This means that running Twine on Macs no longer should require right-clicking it and choosing Open the first time it's downloaded.
  • The relationship between Twine and IFTF has not changed. Although IFTF provides support for the Twine community, Twine itself is an entity independent of the IFTF.

Bugs Fixed#

  • Fixed a problem where dragging the story map and moving the cursor outside the Twine window would cause inappropriate scrolling.
  • Fixed a broken link explaining what a story format is.
  • Fixed a bug with importing stories that were missing some attributes.
  • Fixed the appearance of passage edit dialogs that had been maximized, but also collapsed.

Story Format Updates#

Harlowe has been updated to version 3.3.4.