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"Dice Rolling": Chapbook (v1.0)#


This example demonstrates how to create the same effects of rolling various physical dice through using the random global variable in Chapbook.

Inserts are used to display the use of random in the passage. For calculations, a var section and temporary variables are used because expressions cannot be used within inserts.



Twee Code#

:: StoryTitle
Chapbook: Rolling Dice

:: Start
_example1: random.d4 + 4
_example2: random.d6 - 2
_example3: random.d6 + random.d6 + 10

Rolling a 1d4: {random.d4}

Rolling a 1d6: {random.d6}

Rolling a 1d8: {random.d8}

Rolling a 1d10: {random.d10}

Rolling a 1d12: {random.d12}

Rolling a 1d20: {random.d20}

Rolling a 1d100: {random.d100}

Rolling a 1d4 + 4: {_example1}

Rolling a 1d6 - 2: {_example2}

Rolling a 2d6 + 10: {_example3}

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