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"Fairmath System": Chapbook (v1.0.0)#


"Fairmath System" demonstrates how to re-create the Fairmath system found in ChoiceScript. Based on the operation, increasing and decreasing changes the value by a percentage as the difference between the original and adjusted value.

This example defines functions in the Story JavaScript, which are then used in the Vars Section of a passage to set values. These are shown using expressions within the text of the passage itself.



Twee Code#

:: StoryTitle
Chapbook: Fairmath

:: UserScript[script]
// Create a global object
window.setup = window.setup || {};

// Create a fairmath global object
window.setup.fairmath = {};

// Create an 'increase' function
setup.fairmath.increase = function(x,y) {
    return Math.round(x+((100-x)*(y/100)));

// Create a "decrease" function
setup.fairmath.decrease = function(x,y) {
    return Math.round(x-(x*(y/100)));

:: Start
decreaseExample: setup.fairmath.decrease(100, 50)
increaseExample: setup.fairmath.increase(50, 50)

Decrease 100 by 50% using Fairmath:
Decrease Example: {decreaseExample}

Increase 50 by 50% using Fairmath:
Increase Example: {increaseExample}

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