"Keyboard Events": Chapbook (v1.0.0)


"Keyboard Events" demonstrates how to capture keyboard events and then how to associate individual keys with activities within a story.

The example uses addEventListener() to monitor for all "keyup" events. Once a "keyup" event has occurred, two values are available:

  • The keyCode property: the numerical value representing the key presented in its decimal ASCII code supported by effectively all browsers.
  • The key property: the string value of the key presented supported by most modern web-browsers.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
Chapbook: Keyboard

:: UserScript[script]
(function () {
    document.addEventListener('keyup', function (ev) {
        /* the ev variable contains a keyup event object.
         * ev.keyCode - contains the ASCII code of the key that was released, this property is supported in effectively all browsers.
         * ev.key     - contains the key value of the key that was released, this property is supported by most modern browsers.

        /* the following shows an alert when the 'a' key is released. */
        if (ev.key === 'a') {
            alert("the 'a' key was released.");

:: Start
Press and release the ''a'' key to show an Alert dialog.

Download: Twee Code

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