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Twine 2.0.3#



  • Trying to save a passage with a name that another one already has now shows an error message instead of losing work.
  • Newly-created passages now are numbered properly ("Untitled Passage 1", "Untitled Passage 2", etc.) This bug would also cause data loss.
  • Fix a bug with displaying search results when searching for text including \< and \>.
  • Using Enter to add tags works as many times as you like while editing a passage.
  • Publishing stories now works on Safari.
  • Fix problems with the story stylesheet and story JavaScript editor putting typed text far away from where the cursor appeared.
  • At medium zoom level, passage titles now use the entire space of the box instead of a single line.
  • Fix intermittent problems where link arrows or broken-link status of a passage would not update after editing.


  • If you try to play a story but haven't set a starting point yet, you are now prompted to do so.
  • Window titles have been changed slightly to better distinguish editing a story from playing or testing it.
  • A warning appears if you try to navigate away from editing a passage (i.e. while changes may not have been saved yet).
  • New animations between the story list and editor.

Built-In Story Formats#

No changes.