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Reviewing JavaScript#

JavaScript is a programming language available in web browsers. It allows developers to write code that runs when a hypertext document is shown to a user in a web browser.

Script Element#

JavaScript code appears in the <script> element in HTML.

Document Object Model (DOM)#

Web browsers provide all JavaScript code with a global object named document. This represents the entire HTML document as an object with properties and method for manipulating its content. This allows code to read and change the document while it is shown to a user in a web browser.

Story Formats Are JavaScript#

Twine records the contents of a story as HTML. This is read and processed by a story format written in JavaScript.

Publishing a HTML file with Twine means bundling the story format and story content together in one file.

Story JavaScript#

Every story has access to its Story JavaScript.

Any JavaScript code added to Story JavaScript will be run before any content of a story.

This is a useful space for adding more JavaScript code to a story or preparing values to be used before a story is run.