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Chapbook JavaScript#

Chapbook enables JavaScript support through its [JavaScript] modifier.

Accessing Variables#

Variables are normally accessed and their values changed through the Vars Section of a passages.

Chapbook also provides the global object engine.state and its methods set(variable, value) and get(variable) for accessing story variables.

Reminder: A story variable is one which exists for as long as the story is running.

In Chapbook, they are defined in the Vars Section and remain until the story stops.

State Set#

The method engine.state.set() will either update a variable's value, if it exists, or create the variable, if it does not. (The name of the variable should be enclosed in quotation marks.)

engine.state.set('example', 'Hi!');


State Get#

The method engine.state.get() will retrieve the value of a variable. If it does not exist, the value returned will be undefined.

example: "Hi!"

let example = engine.state.get('example');

Writing Values#

Chapbook provides the function write() for adding values to the content of a passage inside of the [JavaScript] modifier.