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Twine 2.4.0#

Release Date: Jul 5, 2022

General UI Updates#

There's now a toolbar that appears at the top of the screen for all actions. The toolbar's separated into tabs, similar to a menu bar, and has a back button allowing navigation between screens.

The system font is used instead of a custom one. This is mostly an aesthetic change, but it also helps with non-Latin text.

Some actions, like changing preferences or editing story formats, are available regardless of where you are in the app.

The desktop app now has an ARM Linux build, and the macOS app is universal, running on both Intel and Apple Silicon processors natively.

The desktop app has a new icon.

The Story List#

You now select a story from the list and then take an action on it using the toolbar instead of using a gear menu. Double-clicking a story will edit it.

Stories can now be tagged, and the story list can be filtered to show only certain tags. Just like passage tags, story tags can have colors associated with them.

Story previews have been updated to look hopefully nicer.

The Story Format List#

By default, only the most up-to-date version of a story format is shown in the list. You can see all installed formats using the View top toolbar tab.

The Story Map#

You can now undo and redo changes.

You can now edit multiple passages at one time.

You can rename a passage without editing it.

You can now delete more than one passage at a time.

All detail dialogs, like the find & replace text dialog, are now modeless, meaning that you can do other work in your story while they're open.

You can customize the font used in passage editors and disable cursor blinking.

Story formats now have an official way to extend the editor. (The Harlowe story format used undocumented methods to do this in the past.) Story formats can add syntax highlighting to passage editors, a toolbar of actions to passage editors, and add additional connections between passages in the map.

  • Right now, Harlowe and Chapbook have extensions but other story formats may add them in the future.
  • You can disable story format extensions if they are causing trouble or you prefer not to use them.
  • If you're a story format developer, learn how extensions work here. Editing larger stories is faster.

Story Formats#

Harlowe 3.3.0 is included, and release notes are here.

Chapbook 1.2.2 is also included. It's the same as the last version, 1.2.1, except for the addition of editor extensions.