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Proofing Work#


You are reading documentation for Twine 1. This is maintained for archival purposes only.

To create an output file that is readable in a Web browser, choose Build Story from the Story menu. This prompts to choose where to save the finished story; make sure to give the file a .html file extension. After saving, Twine will open it in a Web browser.

Once the story has been built, it cane be quickly rebuilt to reflect changes by choosing Rebuild Story from the Story menu. For ease of access, this menu item also appears in the Passage menu of passage editing windows.

Reminder: Reload the output story in the Web browser once rebuilding it. View Last Build menu item will open the last build.

Story Statistics shows detail about the Story. This counts how many words, passages, and links the story contains. It also displays how many broken links there are.

A RTF version of a story suitable for proofreading can be created through choosing Export Proofing Copy from the File menu. This compiles all the passage text only into a single document that can be opened up in another program.