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"Images": Snowman (v1.3.0)#


When using Snowman, images can be displayed through the image HTML element and url() CSS data type when encoded as Base64.

When using an image element, its source is either absolutely or relatively located. An absolute reference starts with HTTP or another protocol; a relative reference describes the location of the image in relation to the webpage.

Because images are external resources, they need to be included with the webpage as Base64-encoded or in another location. While Base64-encoded images can be embedded in a webpage, it also increases its overall size. External images require additional hosting and are included through their reference in CSS (URL) data type or image (SRC) attribute.



Twee Code#

:: StoryTitle
Images in Snowman

:: UserStylesheet[stylesheet]
.base64image {
  width: 256px;
  height: 256px;
  /* Base64 image truncated for example */
  /* See Twee file for full version. */
  background-image: url('data:image/png;base64...');

:: Start
This is an image element:

<img src="" width="256" height="256">

This is a Base64-encoded CSS image background:

<div class="base64image"></div>

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