"Importing External JavaScript": SugarCube (v2.18)


"Importing External JavaScript" demonstrates how to import an externally stored JavaScript library, jQuery UI.

This example uses the SugarCube importScripts() function to load and integrate the script file's contents.

Note: The successful loading of an external JavaScript file or library commonly produces no visual output. The code within the example passage is not required for the successful loading of an external file or library.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
SugarCube: Importing External JavaScript

:: UserScript [script]
/* Import the jQuery UI library. */

:: Start
<p>Click on the grey box below to see it bounce.</p>
<div id="box" style="width: 100px; height: 100px; background: #ccc;"></div>

$(document).one(':passagerender', function (ev) {
        .click(function () {
            $("#box").toggle("bounce", {times: 3}, "slow");

Download: Twee Code

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