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"Setting and Showing Variables": SugarCube (v2.18)#


Variables, symbols starting with $ (for normal) or _ (for temporary), can be "set" using the <<set>> macro in SugarCube.

$ is used for storing data throughout the story, and _ should be used for data only needed in the current passage. Using _ is useful for not wanting to accidentally overwrite variables elsewhere in the story. They can also help with debugging through not cluttering up the variables list of future passages.



Twee Code#

:: StoryTitle
Setting and Showing Variables in SugarCube

:: Start
<<set $numberVariable to 5>>
<<set $wordVariable to "five">>
<<set $phraseVariable to "The value">>

$phraseVariable is $numberVariable and $wordVariable.

<<set $numberVariable to $numberVariable + 1>>

$phraseVariable is $numberVariable and $wordVariable.

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