"CSS and Passage Tags": Snowman (v1.3)


This example shows how to use CSS selectors to style different passages. Snowman does not support tags in passages. However, the effect can be implemented through using jQuery and the toggleClass() function to switch between different pre-defined classes.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
CSS and Passage Tags in Snowman

:: UserStylesheet[stylesheet]
.grey {
    background: grey;
      color: white;
.yellow {
    background: yellow;
      color: black;

:: Start[grey]
<% $("body").toggleClass("grey") %>
This passage has a grey background and white text.


:: Second[yellow]
<% $("body").toggleClass("yellow") %>
This passage has a yellow background and black text.

Download: Twee Code

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