"Typewriter Effect": Harlowe (v2.0)


"Typewriter Effect" demonstrates how to create a delayed character-by-character effect. In Harlowe, this is achieved using the (live:) macro for delayed showing and the (append:) macro to append text to a hook.

Note: Additional Harlowe code will not be run within the $typewriterText variable and will all be printed as-is. This code can only be used once per passage.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
Typewriter Effect in Harlowe

:: Start
<!-- Set the text to show -->
(set: $typewriterText to "Hello, world!")
<!-- Display (call) the Typewriter passage -->
(display: "Typewriter")

:: Typewriter
    <!-- Create a variable to track the position within the $typewriterText string -->
    (set: $typewriterPos to 1)

    <!-- Create a hook to hold the typed text -->

    <!-- Set a delay of 20ms seconds per loop -->
    (live: 20ms)[

        <!-- Add the next character to the hook -->
        (append: ?typewriterOutput)[(print: $typewriterText's $typewriterPos)]

        <!-- Update the position -->
        (set: $typewriterPos to it + 1)

        <!-- If it's gone past the end, stop -->
        (if: $typewriterPos is $typewriterText's length + 1)[

Download: Twee Code

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