"Timed Passages": Harlowe (v2.0)


Made famous in Queers in Love at the End of the World (2013), "Timed Passages" uses the the (live:) macro to count seconds while checking if the timer has reached zero. If so, the (goto:) macro will immediately go to another passage.

Live Example

Download: Live Example

Twee Code

:: StoryTitle
Harlowe: Timed Passages

:: StoryStylesheet[stylesheet]
    display: none;
tw-sidebar {

:: Start
[[Start Timer|First Passage]]

:: World End
The world ended.

:: First Passage
(display: "Timer")

[[Second Passage]]

:: Timer
    (live: 1s)[
        (if: $timer is 0)[
            (goto: "World End")
        (else: )[
            (set: $timer to it - 1)
            The world will end in $timer seconds

:: Second Passage
(display: "Timer")

[[First Passage]]

:: Startup[startup]
(set: $timer to 10)

Download: Twee Code

See Also

Delayed Text, Typewriter Effect

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