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Adding to IFDB#

The IFDB is a user-editable catalog of interactive fiction, starting from the earliest days of Adventure (1976) all the way to contemporary works. People use it to discover and discuss IF, and in particular, the showcase of stories on the home page is based on data stored there. The one thing the IFDB is not, though, is an archive to store work. It only contains pointers to resources stored elsewhere on the web.

Existing works can be submitted for inclusion in the IFDB by using the submission form. Most of the fields in the form are self-explanatory, but one that might seem confusing at first is the IFID.

Note: A IFID is similar to ISBN numbers for books; they uniquely identify a work, no matter its format. In Twine 2, the IFID can be found through opening the story in Twine 2, clicking ont he story menu, and then choosing Story Statistics.